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Everyday shopping, real community impact

My Pocket provides an on-line marketplace for local non-profits, businesses, and consumers to support each other in an easy and impactful way.

The benefits to the participants are multiplied.

Each purchase = three winners!

Who wins?

Non-profits – by earning commissions! Non-profits market the My Pocket marketplace to their passionate supporters. Each purchase using My Pocket generates a commission to the non-profit who generated the customer.

Businesses – by generating new sales! Non-profits drive customers to the participating businesses through the My Pocket marketplace. A participating business pays commission ONLY on sales made through My Pocket versus traditional models of paying for advertising with no direct tie to the sale.

Consumers – by getting the products they want AND supporting participating local non-profits through the commissions paid by the businesses – at no additional cost to the consumer!

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Bringing Change

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Small Businesses

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Find quality products made by small and local businesses, and have items shipped directly to you.


Earn points by donating to charity with every purchase. Cash in for perks from local non-profits.


Donate to support your favorite causes, while supporting small and local business.

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